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During the fall, Dave Keeps busy guiding moose hunts in prime northern Maine Wildlife Management Districts (zones) 1,2,3,4.5,6


Sean's 2014 Trophy Bull Moose Hunt!

(pictured top right) Its 71 degrees and four in the afternoon of day five but that doesnít matter when the cows are in heat and the bulls are rutting. The air is thick with the stink of rutting moose, a cow moans and is coming to what she thinks is a bull moose raking brush and grunting (us). In tow is a very angry bull ready to fight off the competition. The pair holds up so we enter the woods raking and grunting on a ridge thick with beech and maple sucker growth and you canít see 20' in front of you. We canít find an opening in the dense brush as the bull circles to our left while the cow is coming straight on and about 40' away. The trees are being torn apart as the vocal bull approaches to within 20' The bull continues to close in on us as Sean raises his rifle and picks out a patch of black in the thick cover. SHOOT SEAN SHOOT!!! Too close for comfort and I am glad Sean didnít miss!!!! This was the 3rd and smallest of three trophies we interacted with during the September 2014 Moose hunting season in Maine in Wildlife Management district 2. More pictures of Sean's Moose hunt


Sydney's 2014 Trophy Bull Moose Hunt!

(pictured right) Pre season scouting paid off during the October, 2014 hunt. 18 year old Sydney along with her sister Olivia and Uncle Bill took part in a WMD 3 moose hunt. After carefully scoping out the chopping on the way in, we set up and did a little cow calling. Within a few minutes a 40" bull entered the chopping from the west which we passed on. Shortly after it left the chopping, a 50" trophy bull showed up from the same direction. Ten minutes later a nice 100 yard shot presented itself, Sydney made a nice shot and her hunt was over but for the work which involved quartering and packing out the moose. While calling worked for us on Monday morning, things shut down rather quickly that week as the rut was all but over. More pictures of Sydney's moose hunt.


Richard Bator's 2013 Moose (pictured right) taken with a muzzle loader during the October, 2013 season. It ranks 20th all time muzzleloader kill with Maine Skull and Antler. more pictures and testimonial.

Kirk Sherman's 2013 Moose (pictured bottom right) harvested during the October season. Kirk's moose was paired up with a cow. Reading the situation and getting it right provided Kirk with a quick but well placed 80 yard shot down a twitch trail as the cow bolted from the brush with her bull in tow. more pictures



Maine's Moose Hunt


2014 Maine Moose Hunting Seasons

September 22-27, October 13-18, November 3-8


Maine had three seasons and allocates over 3000 permits through a lottery system. According to state wildlife biologists, Maine's moose population is estimated at 70,000. For the 2012 season, the overall success rate for the ďtraditionalĒ Wildlife Management Districts further to the north had an overall success rate of 82%. Every year, several moose exceed 1,000 lbs. dressed weight. Trophy racks are not uncommon. The rutting season is a great time to be in the woods as moose are most active and responsive to the call.


Smoldering Lake Outfitters

SLO offers moose hunts from their lodge in WMD 6,3 & 5 during the Sept, Oct, and November seasons.


Outpost Camp

SLO has access to cabins and camps for rent in remote wildlife management districts. Wall tent camps are amazingly comfortable and can place you in the heart of your WMD 1,2, 4, & 5. The outpost camp will be a drive to site where you will have the option to hunt close to dirt roads, get off the beaten path on foot to spot and stock, or by canoe on flowages and remote waterways during your trophy moose hunt. We can quarter and pack out your animal if necessary. The Smoldering Lake Team is committed to making your moose hunting experience the best one possible!

Special Hunt for Disabled Veterans

Several permits were given out for the 2014 season controlled moose hunt for disabled veterans with a success rate of 24 out of 25 tagging their moose! Hosted by Smoldering Lake Outfitters, this special hunt is made possible by the efforts of Paul House of House in the Woods Ministry that honors our veterans and their families' sacrifices and assists them in their journey towards healing the mental and physical pain of loss.  More info on line 


Annual Moose Auction

Place a winning bid in the auction and choose your season, hunting zone & type of permit (bull or cow). Deadline for placing a bid is mid February for the 2015 season.


2015 Maine Moose Permit Auction

Ten permits are awarded annually to the highest bidders through an auction. Winning bids in 2013 ranged from $10,191.11 to $11,734.56


Maine Moose Hunting Lottery


Applying On Line (deadline for applying on line was May 14 for the 2014 season )


Resident Applicants

Maine residents can purchase one chance for $15.00


Non Resident Applicants

Non residents can purchase 1 chance for $15.00, three for $25.00, six for $35.00, ten chances for $55.00 and as many multiples of 10 as you would like. Contact us to discuss recommended number of chances to purchase and odds of winning.


Choosing Your Wildlife Management Districts

When hunting with us, we recommend your top seven choices in this order, WMD 5,2,1,4,3.6.11 for remote outpost hunts and 6, 3,,5,11, 2,1,4 for hunts out of the lodge. Choose both October & September seasons and choose bull only if you will not accept a cow tag.


Map of Maine Moose Hunting Districts


Contact Us For Help with the Application Process



Contact Smoldering Lake Outfitters to discuss rates for guided moose hunts from the Lodge in Bridgewater and our outpost camps.



2014 Pictures

Tropy Bull Hunt from Outpost Camp

Trophy Bull Moose Hunt from the Lodge


2013 Pictures

Trophy Bull Hunts From Outpost Camps

Three Day Moose Photo Hunt

Pictures on YouTube



Special Hunt for Disabled Veterans on You Tube

Carson's Cow Moose Hunt

Elbridge's Cow Hunt

Disabled Veterans Special Moose Hunt



Video of Maine Moose Hunting on You Tube with Smoldering Lake Outfitters