On the River: learn how to handle a canoe including paddling techniques, reading the river and poling. At the Campsite: learn proper wood selection, fire building, cooking over an open fire, knots and their uses, low impact camping techniques, how to set up and take down camp. Other possible activities: include map and compass, fishing (spinning and fly casting), swimming, rump bumping, off trail hikes using map & compass (day or night), using a spark to start your fire, plant and tree ID, visiting & viewing artifacts from logging days gone by.
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Canoe Trips for Schools, Youth Groups, Camps, Scouts
I have developed and overseen outdoor related programming for youth during most of my guiding career. East Grand High School has an extensive outdoor program where students cultivate life skills through creative outdoor programming. Summer camp programs allow young people to experience the outdoors in an environment free of distractions. The focus is often on  experiential learning and assisting young people with personal growth. Maine rivers trips offer great opportunities for young people to reconnect to the wilderness, something that has become quite foreign in our high tech, "gadgetry" dependent society! Contact me to discuss planning an outing for your group, young or old!
Customized outings for your group
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Teen Allagash Canoe Trips
Guided Canoe Trips, Fishing, Moose Hunts with
Maine Guide Dave Conley, cell 207-551-8729, email dave@canoethewild.com