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Guided Canoe Trips, Fishing, Moose Hunts with
Maine Guide Dave Conley, cell 207-551-8729, email dave@canoethewild.com 
2014 Allagash Testimonials:


"Dave, Thanks again for a fabulous trip. Every member of our party thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Your preparation and your execution in the field were impeccable in every respect. Everything met or exceeded our expectations. We are already talking about our next trip, hopefully the St. Croix with you next summer". John Aromando, Maine


“Thanks for everything, the trip was GREAT!…more than expected”. Jim Tinkham, VA

“Just wanted to thank you again for a great time! I have talked to my wife, son and his wife and will be in touch to schedule a trip for the 4 of us”. David Van Patten, NH


“Thank you! What an absolutely fantastic trip. Pictures are terrific. I’d like to talk with you about a trip for somewhere between 5-11 of our college classmates”. Jim Murray, FL

"Dave, It has been over a month since our  trip up the Allagash, and I still and will have a mental "high" from our trip, you were the perfect host. The people we traveled with were great trip companions and added to the trip. Ashley and Phil were great. Thank you so much for such a great, wonderful guidance up the Allagash. I think some of my final thoughts on this earth will be of the Allagash trip and you made it possible! once more, Thanks. God Bless, Margaret Wilhelm, CA"

"We are still basking in our Allagash bliss!! Thanks for a fantastic trip – it was just awesome in every way! The boys were nonstop about it in the car ride home… well, for about two hours and then they crashed. We got home very tired, very smelly and very happy. Carolyn Cote, NH


2014 St. Croix River Testimonials:

All boys (and their parents) should be lucky enough to have an experience such as this. The boys grew an inch or two learning to canoe the St. Croix’s rapids. The scenery and wildlife was fantastic. Maine, and its wilds, is lucky to have ambassadors like Dave and Philip. We hope to be back soon." Michael Bell, Manhattan, NY


"This was the most wonderful experience. We all had a great time. It could not have been better. Thank You so much. Your crew could not have been better." Alexsis Beach, San Fransisco


"Besides being exceptionally competent and helpful, our guides were genuinely nice people whose good nature, positive attitude, and enthusiasm for the outdoors was infectious. These character traits helped several of us "city slickers" and part-time outdoorspeople face with the minor discomforts we encountered with good cheer, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude." Denise Beneteau, Switzerland


"Hi Dave, We had a great time, you and Phil ran a great trip, we all definitely learned a lot about canoeing! You run a well oiled and very professional operation, and give us as leaders a great example to aspire to.  I would love to do the Bonaventure River at some point! Thanks again for a great trip! Eric Lim, Troop 76, Holliston, MA


"Tammy is an excellent guide who struck a balance between carefully watching out for us and encouraging us to test our limits. She always found something positive to say about even our smallest achievements and even the way we handled our mistakes during the many "learning moments" we experienced on the river. But I was even more impressed to be around 3 high school age kids who displayed the same positive outlook, work ethic, and teamwork as their teacher/leader. I'm sure that they were always great kids but I also suspect that the outdoor ed program you & Tammi run at their High School has played a major role in helping them become the mature, conscientious, self-confident and positively-oriented people we met on our trip. So thanks to you ad Tammi for helping us have a great vacation but, even more importantly, thanks for what you've done for Mitchel, Chelsea, Kim, and the other young adults whose lives you touch". Lee Goldburg, NJ 



2014 Moose Hunting Testimonials:


"Hi Dave, Good to hear from you and thanks for the link to the pictures. Definitely a thrilling week with our bull being the exclamation point on Friday! The meat is all packed away and frozen and most of my gear is cleaned up and back where it belongs. It's been nice catching up on my sleep and spending time with family but it's clear to see how people get hooked on Maine moose hunting after having a Smoldering Lake experience! People love the story and I know of at least a half dozen or more people that will be applying in the lottery with the hopes of having a hunt with you and the Smoldering Lake Team. Thanks again."Regards,Shawn McLaughlin, Lewsiberg, PA



2013 Testimonials:


"We had such a positive experience with Dave two years ago on the St. Croix River, that we hired him again to take us down the Allagash in August of 2013. Like the first experience, the second exceeded our expectations in every way. Although my family has spent the last 40 years canoeing Maine’s rivers without a Guide, Dave and Tammi take the experience (including fun, relaxation, and pure enjoyment) to another level. They taught my son (age 13), my father (age 75), a family friend (age 13) and me (age 44) new things about reading the river, perfecting our canoe strokes, cooking over the open fire, and setting up and taking down the campsite. Dave shared his knowledge of the river and its history as we paddled, and kept us entertained every night with stories about being a Maine guide, moose hunting and his many adventures over the years in Maine, Canada and out west. The food was first rate, cooked over the open fire from wood that we had harvested along the river (no propane stoves for Dave). At night, there was a lot of laughing mixed in with just the right amount of silence and sounds of the loons. It's difficult to imagine a more perfect way to end the day. We were fortunate to see several moose, paddling close to them on several occasions, many bald eagles, which seemed to follow us down the river, a deer and lots of ducks. One of the many added benefits of hiring Dave is that he takes incredible photographs of the wildlife, the scene around the campsite, and your friends and family. To have all of this captured on a high quality camera by someone who knows what he is doing, is an added bonus and a great way to capture the highlights of the trip. Dave uses the perfect combination of encouragement, humor, good natured ribbing, patience, and a true desire to spread his enthusiasm for back country canoeing and camping to bring the best out in everyone. We all had a great time. We are looking forward to more trips with Dave and recommend him without hesitation. You won’t be disappointed." Noah Wuesthoff, Falmouth Maine

“Our experience on the Allagash was the most well thought out and well executed trip we could have ever imagined. Dave brought along Mitchell, a strong, college sophomore who came up from the ranks of his outdoor school program. Mitchell lugged boats and equipment and was a constant source for firewood at each site we camped at. While on the Allagash we saw a lot of wildlife but no other canoe parties. We thought we knew how to paddle a canoe but Dave gave us on the spot paddle tips to navigate a river where he seemed to know every rock and hard place. There was never a need to worry. In an area this remote, Dave had things covered with satellite technology right in his pocket. Canoe the Wild’s equipment is first class with Old Town canoes, tarps to keep out the rain, tents that go up in a jiffy and even cots to put our Thermarest mattresses on. It seemed that Dave only put his camera down long enough to pick up a spatula to prepare unforgettable meals over an open fire; t-bone steaks, chicken and dumplings, chocolate cake and strawberry shortcake for desserts and full course breakfasts with real cowboy coffee each morning. A few weeks after we got home, a DVD arrived with professionally done pictures full of memories. See for yourself!” Jack Thompson altabirdskiers@gmail.com

"When planning our trip, what I expected from Dave, was to get my three sons and me safely down the Allagash and to show us this beautiful river. What made the trip great were all the things Dave provided that I did not expect. I never expected the food to be so good or that he would be so great and patient with my kids. I also didn’t expect that Dave would be our own private trip photographer. Thanks to him, we have hundreds of memorable photographs that really captured this wonderful experience. I wouldn’t think twice about planning another canoe trip with Dave! Marc B. Gamble marcbgamble@gmail.com

2012 and Earlier:
"I and my family have participated in Dave's wilderness trips since 2000. Dave has an infectious love for the wilderness and a passion for sharing it with others. He is an expert guide with an extensive knowledge of remote and beautiful locations for camping, paddling, whitewater, and fishing. His professionalism and organization as well as attention to detail distinguish him from any other wilderness guide in the northeast. He also is an excellent teacher who generously and patiently will share as much of his knowledge and experience in canoeing, camping, cooking, wilderness safety, photography, and trip planning as you care to have. In short, Dave is a highly professional, expert guide who will provide you with a high quality, safe, wilderness adventure, matched to your experience and who will generously share and teach his knowledge of the outdoors with you, your family or group". Paul Domigan, Andover Mass, email: pdomigan@alum.mit.edu
"I renewed my interest in camping and canoeing when I met Dave in 2006.  My intent was to do one white water trip that year. Before the season was over, with Dave’s encouragement, I had done several trips. Dave enjoys the outdoors and canoeing. He is skilled and professional in leading wilderness trips. I have been on numerous trips with Dave, the St Croix here in Maine, the Mistissibi River, and the de Pas rivers in Quebec to name a few".
Bob Constable, Unity, Maine, email: rccmpsol@uninets.net
"Over the years, Dave has guided my grade 7 & 8 students on several adventures, ranging from winter camping, to Allagash  canoe trips, to a several mile bicyle rides.  He also once guided a short cross country ski trip. All of these adventures were professionally organized and led by Dave. Kids had fun while learning valuable outdoor skills.  Dave knows his business, and has an excellent manner with kids.  Parents trust that their children will be safe with him, and what could be more important than that". Chuck Murphy,Principal/ East Range II School, email: cmurphy@eastrangeii.org
"Dave Conley understands the importance of engaging Maine's youth in the outdoors!  Our Teens To Trails organization is so pleased to be associated with Dave and his work to connect young people to the natural world - a connection that is critical to both their physical and mental well being. He has made a very real and lasting difference in the lives of so many young people through his passion for the outdoors, his energy and his caring.  What a wonderful mentor Dave is for Maine's youth!" Carol Leone, Founder,Teens To Trails, email: teens2trails@gwi.net
"The DePas River was a fantastic wilderness trip made even better by Dave's excellent guiding skills.  The details of the trip were well thought through by Dave and there was never a "glitch" to foul up the trip.  It's clear that Dave put a lot of thought and planning into every detail of the trip.   The great things about Dave's trips are that the rivers he selects are not the "old standards" but are rivers not often paddled by others which really makes the wilderness experience even better" Greg Millert, Brunswick, Maine, email: gmillert@yahoo.com 

"Dave  has worked for the East Grand School for 15 years.  During that time he has lead the Outdoor Education program to a place where the students have prospered as outdoor leaders and the program has gained state-wide recognition. Dave  is a quality individual with a tremendous work ethic. I have participated in a number of his activities through the  Outdoor Education program and have spent time hunting with him.  He leads a  well organized, disciplined and effective outing.  It is without hesitation that I would recommend Dave Conley's guide service to anyone". David Apgar, Principal, East Grand High School, email: dapgar@eastgrandschool.org 

Moose Hunting Testimonials:
2013 Moose hunting testimonial: "I had the fortunate experience of attending a guided Moose Hunt with Smoldering Lake Outfitters and our guide Dave Conley. On our 2nd day, Dave spotted a big bull so dad and I posted up. Dave started calling as we waited, listened and patiently sought out the bull of a LIFETIME. After about 20 minutes of hearing the bull travel through the woods without seeing him. Dave's call drew an entirely different bull to come in! The record book bull was here! Dave called him from 150 yards to 50 yards. Then he turned broadside, I shot 1st, my father shot 2nd and I shot once more. The bull went 20 yards and our harvest was complete! The bull scored 193. We were lucky enough to experience this hunt with Smoldering Lake Outfitters, an organization that cares deeply about you, the hunter, your experience & your lifelong memories on hunting in the great state of Maine. There's no better feeling than knowing that you're in good hands with an outfitter and they care about your hunt as much as you do". Jonathan Julian Bator, Norwood, NJ
2013 Moose photo hunt testimonial "As an amateur photographer living in Maine I contacted Dave and asked him for help in locating and calling in some large bulls during the fall rut. Well that he did, several bulls responded to him and some came as close as 15 yards! It was a thrill for me and something that I won't soon forget. We got several photographs and I will be utilizing his services again." Richard Maxcy


“For the well worn and true outdoorsman to be able to hunt on foot for Maine’s premier big game species is a true blessing. Such blessing only comes with knowing all that takes place “after the kill” including the quartering and packing is a well planned event. Many thanks to friend and fellow guide Dave Conley whose skill, equipment and physical prowess helped make another cherished north Maine woods experience.” Elbridge Cleaves, Weston, ME

"My sub permittee Paul and I had an incredible hunt. The weather was very warm and the rut had slowed down. Dave was extremely confident that if we put our time in we would get our chance. He was right! Dave called in a beautiful bull, that we took with our muzzle loaders. Dave provided us with the hunt of a life time. I can't imagine anyone working harder to make our hunt any better". Walter Bennett East Hampton, NY email:Herbie6313@yahoo.com


"I waited over 20 years to be drawn for a Moose permit.  Dave did the pre-season scouting for me, and we had a bull sighting shortly after daybreak.  After locating a good place to set up for shooting, Dave called three moose in. What a  thrill it was to fill my antler-less permit on the first morning!" Al Look, Richmond, Maine email: lookslesson@yahoo.com


"Dave started calling and we could hear a cow and then a bull at some distance, Dave's idea to call and stock our moose paid off and proved to be very successful for our first moose hunt". Tom Cronkite, Etna, Maine Tel. 207-735-4420


"Dave is very knowledgeable about the surrounding areas and calling in the moose. His expertise is evident in how he prepares to how he performs.  Although we only used Dave for one day it was well worth it as we bagged a very desirable prize". John Madera, Patterson New York, email: jjmsr26@verizon.net

"I had an awesome moose hunt... one of my best memories was staring down a bull moose at close range. Every time Dave would thrash the brush, the moose would drop his head and thrash the brush. This lasted for nearly 30 minutes, I could have shot it with my bow. We had several encounters at close range!" Seth Snowman, St. Albans, Maine. email: snowman004@hotmail.com
"Dave was well organized and well prepared in every area to ensure a successful moose hunt. He went above and beyond to help us have a great moose hunt experience. He demonstrated his expertise in pre-season scouting, calling in our bull, field dressing our trophy to even recommending a local butcher and local accommodations. I highly recommend his guiding services!" Barry Gillette, Unity, Maine. email: nasabe@uninets.net
"I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I had never hunted before, yet Dave treated me with the same respect he would have a seasoned hunter. He went above and beyond and worked tirelessly to make my experience a good one. His knowledge about the hunt and his interpersonal skills make him a great choice for a guide. It really was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you, Dave!" Tara Matula, Unity, Maine, email: vonhausmatulagsd@yahoo.com